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What is happening in South Side Chicago is institutional racism working. What will dismantle this system of institutional racism is properly placed funding and reform. It is not the responsibility of the citizens of South Side Chicago to dismantle institutional racism. They did not impoverish their neighborhoods, underfund their education system, defund their youth programs, or foster racist practices within their police department. The state of Illinois is responsible for that. You cannot tell American citizens living below the poverty line to stop being poor and pull themselves up from poverty and violence if there are state sanctioned systems in place facilitating the perpetuation of this systematic poverty.

In this series, I hope to unpack a handful of elements concerning the generational institutionalized racism that is being sustained in South Side Chicago. There will also be pieces on suggested positive steps forward for South Side Chicago and neighborhoods facing similar dilemmas.  

Series Pieces 
Funding Community Programs
Chicago Housing Discrimination
Housing Discrimination in Chicago 1900s-1950s
Housing Discrimination in Chicago 1960-1970s
Illinois Budget Allocation by Neighborhood*
Chicago Public Schools District Funding*
Chicago PD*
A History of Chicago Gangs*
Criminal Sentencing in Illinois*
The Prison Industrial Complex and Disenfranchisement in Illinois*
Illinois Poverty Rates by Neighborhood*
Actionable Steps Forward and How It’ll Get Paid For*
Representatives, Senators, Governors and the Lot*

*Coming Soon

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